January 18, 2017 - Wednesday 7-8:45 pm - Many Moons Qigong Dance, with Lauri Amidon

Join Lauri Amidon for an evening of Many Moon Qigong Dance to enliven the energetic and physical body through exquisite, powerful, enjoyable and easy qigong dance movement.

Enliven the energetic and physical body as Lauri Amidon leads Moons Qigong Dance. It begins by activating the body's qi-energy with Yi Ren(R) Qigong. With qi-energy alive, we continue to warm up with various floor and standing exercises emphasizing energetic and physical flow. Common steps become quite different when performed with heightened qi-energy. Class continues with easy and enjoyable center and across the floor work. This class for women develops the inner graceful warrior with gorgeous movement to build strength and beauty with the accompaniment of exquisite music. We will have fun and experience the joy of movement individually and as a group.

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Category: healing, health

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