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January 12, 2019 - Saturday 3-5pm - What's Up for 2019 ? And a Quick Guide to Good Timing - with Madeline C Gerwick

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General admission tickets can still be purchased in person at the event.

Find out what's ahead for 2019 and discover how to easily use good timing for more success!

Our planet is in unchartered territory in more than one way. It’s been over 900 years since we had one set of our current cycles, and more than 248 years for another. A major revolutionary cycle for the USA is in play at the beginning of the year. Then we begin the path to transforming structures and power structures that continues into 2020. Come find out what’s being released, so improved structures can take their places. What will happen to oil? Real estate? Interest rates and inflation? Our US debt and the US dollar? At the end, a quick tour of the Good Timing Guide will give you pointers for using Good Timing.

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