January 10, 2019 - Thursday 7-9pm - Living Beyond Death: Messages from the Departed and Spirit Guides - with TJ Higgs

We’re lucky to have TJ Higgs from England for this evening event. A natural born Psychic Medium, Tracy travels worldwide speaking for the departed, bringing peace of mind and resolution and also reconnecting you to your deeper "soul self" through messages from your spirit guides, masters and inner-planes teachers.

From difficult beginnings, TJ Higgs has become one of the world's best known Mediums, as she reveals psychic insights and communicates accurate information from those who have passed over. Her generous and warm presentation heals wounds and opens each one to the deeper knowledge of our connection to life and beyond. She says, “Through reading the signs that are found all around us, you too can connect more closely with your lost loved ones and become the masters of your destinies.”

Main Hall

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