January 09, 2018 - Tuesday 7-8:30pm - Path of Kriya Yoga - with Nayaswamis Hriman and Padma McGilloway

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What is this "Kriya Yoga" that one hears so much about? Is it a meditation technique or is it something more? How does it work and why would I want to undergo the training in preparation for learning it? What commitment, if any, is required of me? What will I learn during the training and how will kriya yoga benefit my life?

Kriya Yoga was brought to the West and made internationally famous by Paramhansa Yogananda's life story, "Autobiography of a Yogi." Kriya Yoga is both a meditation technique and a complete spiritual path to soul liberation.As is the tradition from ancient times, a period of training and preparation (9 to 12 months) is necessary to prepare the body, mind and heart to receive and benefit from such an advanced technique and begin one's journey to Self-realization on a true and life-changing spiritual path.

In this class you will learn:

  • The history of kriya yoga.
  • How the kriya technique accelerates working out of karma.
  • How the four core techniques of the kriya path work together.
  • The importance and role of a disciple and of the guru.
  • Why breath control leads to energy control.
  • The importance of the astral body and chakras for enlightement.
  • The eight stages of spiritual awakening taught in the Yoga Sutras.
  • The secret behind the science of astrology.
  • What classes are part of the training course for kriya yoga.

This free class is offered so that can help you decide whether you want to take some first steps toward kriya yoga.