January 08, 2019 - Tuesday 7-8:30pm - The Power of Spiritual Light for Physical Healing Three-part series- with Michelle McKinney

In this mini series, The Power of Spiritual Light for Physical Healing with Michelle McKinney, you will be introduced to the power of spiritual light as an valuable component in the treatment of transmuting and healing illness, and how to incorporate this into an easy and revitalizing daily practice.

You'll hear stories about people who have experienced dramatic symptom relief, including autoimmune disorders, and migraines. You'll learn several practices, and how to incorporate them into a daily practice.  

This presentation is based on the works of Sandra Ingerman, and Drunvalo Melchizedek, who both noticed dramatic if not miraculous healing effects in some of the participants who attended their workshops aimed at transmuting toxins in the environment. Over the years of presenting it in my shamanic training programs, I've witnessed some remarkable results in students in transforming their well-being.

Healing Room

Three-part series: January 8, 15, 22

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