January 05, 2019 - Saturday 7-8:30pm - New Year's Singing Bowl Yoga & Sound Bath - with Shae Windsong and Maria Ayanna

Do you need to renew for the New Year? Please join us for this sound and yoga experience, facilitated by certified sound healer & acupuncturist Maria Ayanna Nunez and certified hatha yoga and Energy 
Medicine Yoga instructor, Shaefeather Windsong. Class limited to 20 participants.

It's easy to make New Year's resolutions and get excited about your goals, but often times we find ourselves letting our resolutions slide after a few weeks or months. In our class we will go beyond simple goals and affirmations. We will use energy healing techniques and yoga postures to integrate our resolutions within us. Now is the time to awaken our will power and give our energy body the boost it needs to help us manifest our goals.

The yoga postures and techniques are accessible to all levels as it will be slow paced and offer modifications. This class is an opportunity for all levels to explore the benefits of yoga and sound. While the singing bowls attune the room so that you can reach a meditative state, your body will feel the benefits of the energy healing techniques and the yoga poses.

We invite you to restore your body, mind, and spirit while shedding the old and stepping into the new you—for good! Have the courage to stoke your inner fire and see your dreams manifest this year.

Please join us for this sound and yoga experience! Spaces are limited, so please reserve your spot today. Max 20 participants

Main Hall

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