January 05, 2018 - Friday 7:30-9pm - Are you energetically prepared for 2018? - with Dewey Meyer

This year we are in for some big changes and Dewey Meyer will give you information and tools that can help you through these tumultuous times.

Get ready because your life is about to change! The energy that is coming in will bring significant shifts to both the world and your personal life. Some of these will be explosive, while others may require us to be patient as we approach changes to the core of our lives. Let’s get an understanding of what is on the way, and create energy structures to set our intentions in 2018. Go home with a pocketful of tools and a new understanding that will help you handle these challenging energies wisely. For over 15 years Dewey Meyer has been educating and empowering people with the tools and information they need to stay energetically healthy and vibrant. DeweyMeyer.com

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