January 03, 2019 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - Shadow Work 101 - with Catherine Liggett

Learn to identify, retrieve, and integrate repressed aspects of your Self, in order to be the brightest and most authentic expression of you.

Our shadow consists of the emotions, traits, and gifts that we had to hide in order to receive approval and stay safe as children. These aspects of us, if left repressed, can surface as anxiety, depression, conflicts, and difficult behavioral patterns. By bringing the light of awareness to our shadow, we open the portal to our brightest light, reclaim the full spectrum of human emotion, and live our most harmonious life. Catherine Liggett is a Shadow Worker with a private practice in Shoreline. She also facilitates the lively intuitive development and practice group, Intuitive Jam. You can learn more about Catherine and her work at catherineliggett.com.

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