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October 11, 2022 - Tuesday 7-8:30pm Pacific - Let's Talk About Ghosts/Spirit Guides - with Aimee Cartier - Webinar

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Every person has a benevolent ethereal support team, also known as spirit guides whose job it is to help you get from point A to point Z in your life with ease and grace. Most people don't call on them near enough as they are available.

Some people are afraid of them. That's why, author, psychic, and Intuition University founder, Aimée Cartier, is going to teach you the simple tools and understanding you need to help you benefit from this under-used resource at your disposal.  She promises it’s not scary. She’ll teach you the specific ways she uses to connect with her guides and ensure that doing so always serves the highest good—and doesn’t leave her open to random wayward spirits.  

She’ll teach you simple ways to easily work with your ethereal support team to get practical and beneficial earth side help!  You’ll finish by understanding that you are never alone; and knowing how to access to your benevolent spirit guides who are always ready to assist.

Aimée Cartier Bio

Aimée Cartier is an psychic guide, Intuition University founder, and author of the book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.”  She is known for her accurate insight, her attention to practical details and her compassionate guidance.  Through her Intuition University programs, she teaches women who have a hard time trusting their intuition or who already know it can be a vital ally and want practical tools they can use to consistently access the wisdom within– now AND their whole lives long.  More about her and her work can be found at

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