February 28, 2017 - Tuesday 7-8:30pm Book Club: What if THIS is Heaven? - with Sunny Joy McMillan

Come question our cultural myths and learn how powerful you really are in a 10-week book club on Anita Moorjani's latest book, "What if THIS is Heaven?"

You may know Anita Moorjani from her incredible near-death experience (NDE) story described in her bestselling book, Dying to be Me. In her latest book entitled What if THIS is Heaven? Moorjani explores how our cultural myths prevent us from experiencing heaven on earth.

Join us for a 10-week book club exploring and questioning each of the 10 myths she describes, like whether we really do "get what we deserve" and whether we "must always be positive." If you're ready to live freely from your authentic self, this book club is for you!

Led by lawyer-turned-life coach Sunny Joy McMillan. Sunny is a Martha Beck Master Coach and a devoted fan of Moorjani's work.

Healing room.

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