February 16, 2019 - Saturday 1-6pm - Unmasking Your Inner Warrior: A Journey of Inter-consciousness- with Carley Mattimore

Carley Mattimore will use Shamanic Breathwork in this experiential workshop to take us on a journey of inter-consciousness to reestablish our sacred relationship with the earth as sacred warriors for a new age with teachings based on her recent book Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa.

Humanity is birthing a new paradigm as we transition to an age of new consciousness where we co-create, collaborate and build a more lion-hearted world. In this half-day workshop we will open the pathways of our heart, our supersonic highways, to remember our sacred contract with each other and the natural world. 

A new kind of sacred warrior is being born, ready to stand up with fierce compassion while embracing an inter-consciousness. Using teachings, Shamanic Breathwork and group process, Carley Mattimore will take you on a shamanic journey to remember and awaken the “lion within” in this experiential workshop.

Main Hall

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