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February 14, 2020 - Friday 7-8:30pm - The Practical Application of Astrology: From Out of the Cosmos to Back at the Ranch - with Debra Silverman

Debra Silverman is here to tickle you to the stars and back, with conversations about what matters most: you.

Everyone knows that you are what you think, and yet you are not your thoughts. Metaphysics is a puzzle that in the end will be solved by an open heart. Astrology is one way to get your heart soothed. 

Astrology is a mental practice of memorization, numbers, and lots of words. All of you astrology geeks, beginners and advanced, let Debra open up your heart tonight.This lecture will address the bridge between human nature, astrology and practical results. Not excluding the most important element, your heart and your humor. Come prepared to laugh at yourself. 

Too many words, too many theories, not enough results. How do you take a spiritual practice like astrology and bring it down to the ground so that you can change your life and be all that you are? 

From all the way out of the cosmos to back at the ranch, astrology is an ancient pathway to your authentic self. Debra will provide you with a map, wrapped up in humor, of how to find your way home.

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