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CANCELLED February 13, 2020 - Thursday 7-9pm - Gifts of Imperfection Guidepost 6: Cultivating Creativity and Letting Go of Comparison - with Jessica Bean, ND, MS, CDWF

Learn to apply Brené Brown’s transformative work in your life: recognize that all human beings carry the spark of creativity, and release the harmful practice of judging your creations in comparison to those of others.

So many of us have been harmed by the lie that we are not creative people or by the belief that our creations don’t measure up. Come light the spark of your own creativity, recognize what you uniquely bring to the world, and release harmful patterns of comparison that douse your internal flame.

Brené Brown says that “we move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.” Integrate this guidepost through discussion, reflection and creative activities alongside fellow seekers of growth and change. Bring a sketchbook or large unlined journal; all other supplies will be provided. No art or creative experience is required.

 Each guidepost is independent, and you are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions. 

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Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW is a research professor at the University of Houston School of Social Work. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy and is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers. Brené’s TED talk – The Power of Vulnerability – is among the top five most watched TED talks in the world with over 39 million views. 

Jessica Bean, ND, MS, CDWF is passionate about Brené Brown’s transformative work. She is a certified facilitator through the Brené’s organization, The Daring Way™, and began offering groups and workshops in 2014. She has also been faculty at Bastyr University since 2011, where she teaches in the naturopathic medicine and public health programs.

 The actual cost per session is $25.  In order to make access to the sessions more equitable, a sliding scale rate of $15 per session is available.

For each guidepost the content will include a mixture of:

  • Key concepts and research findings
  • Small group discussions on the role of the guidepost in each person’s own life
  • Journal reflections & sharing in small and large groups
  • Creative activities such as collage, drawing, word art, etc.
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