February 12, 2017 - Sunday 3-6 pm - Awakening the Senses! with Mariah McKenzie

Bring a sense of play to this heightened awareness workshop with Mariah McKenzie.

Popular awareness practitioner, award winning author, and playful workshop leader in San Diego, Mariah McKenzie brings her "Awakening the Senses" workshop to Seattle! Bring a sense of play to this workshop. Come partake in a series of exercises blindfolded or with eyes closed that are designed to awaken the senses one at a time. Without the benefit of sight, experience an opportunity to pay close attention to what else we notice before the labeling mind kicks in. Practice writing what you smell, hear, feel and taste and to notice what memories are stimulated, all from a place of heightened awareness and focus. (Please let Mariah know if you have any allergies or sensitivities to food or smell)

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