February 09, 2017 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - Visionary Shamanism and Nature Spirits - with Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home, shamanic therapist, teacher and author, will offer an instructional immersion into the poetic realms of ancient nature intelligences to dispel our patterning and activate higher knowing.

Shonagh Home, shamanic therapist, teacher, author and international public speaker, will discuss the ancient practice of communicating with nature intelligences through portals such as the sacred mushroom, ancient stone circles, forest groves and other means. How do we access wisdom for these troubled times from multidimensional explorations into unseen realms? What do these ancient intelligences have to offer modern people both individually and collectively? What, exactly, are we communicating with? Long known to confer secret knowledge and even magic, these intelligences were sought by shamans, seers and oracles of old. Shonagh will share profound poetic messages that offer wise instruction on how to break the spells of our patterning to activate higher knowing. www.shonaghhome.com

Main Room

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