February 08, 2019 - Friday 7:30-9:00pm - The Art of Pilgrimage - with Phil Cousineau

The Art of Pilgrimage with Phil Cousineau is an evening presentation that explores various time-honored ways to transform our travels into spiritual renewal.

Centuries of travel lore suggest that when we no longer know where to turn, our real journey has just begun. At that crossroads moment, a voice calls to our pilgrim soul. For millennia, this form of travel has been called pilgrimage, an overlap of our deepest inward and outward explorations. Tonight’s presentation combines photography, film clips, anecdotes, humor and discussion, practices and exercises, as we explore travel as a time-honored way to recharge our souls.

Whether we are on vacation, a business trip, or a far-flung adventure tour, we can look at the trying times along the road as either torment or chances to “stretch” ourselves spiritually, psychologically, and socially. Seekers of all kinds are welcome to help us transform travel – now the worlds’ biggest business – into social and spiritual action for ourselves and for the planet.

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