February 08, 2017 - Wednesday 7-8:30 pm - From Pain to Purpose to Potential - Qi Gong, with Lauri Amidon

Lauri Amidon shares her story about overcoming the diagnosis of lupus with Yi Ren Qigong exercises.

Lauri Amidon's eleven year experience began with crippling arthritis, lupus, and depression. After diligently studying Yi Ren(R) Qigong, Lauri's symptoms no longer exist. Lauri shares her story in "YOU HEAL YOU" and then leads an experiential practice in Yi Ren(R) Qigong so YOU can "turn-on" your inherent healing energy. Lauri's purpose in life is to help others activate their healing abilities through Yi Ren Qigong. Also, Lauri finds great joy and creative expression as the director of Many Moons Qigong Dance Company.

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Category: healing

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