February 06, 2019 - Wednesday 7-9pm - Know the UNKNOWABLE: 7 Steps to Transcendence - with Asara Lovejoy

Asara Lovejoy brings forth the next level of opening to your greater self as you dip into the “Unknowable." There is a place in consciousness where no fear, no judgment, no pain exits. It is truly an amazing natural state of being that Asara says in her years of teaching The One Command has naturally arrived for her.

Transcendence is going beyond. Going beyond the limits of daily life and hovering within a presence of illumination. As you increase your personal frequency, tuned into the more subtle vibrations of love, peace, joy and harmony, you change. The cells of your body change, your brain changes and your life changes. Come share the experience.

Asara is author and founder of The One Command Programs worldwide, reaching over 500,000 folks with the deeper knowledge of your extraordinary self.

Main Hall

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