February 04, 2017 - Saturday 11 am-12:30 pm - Introduction to Meditation Teacher Training - with Ananda Institute of Living Yoga

If you would like to deepen your experience and understanding of meditation and/or would like to share the art and science of meditation with others (formally as a teacher, or informally as a friend), then Meditation Teacher Training at Ananda's Institute of Living Yoga may be for you!

There are two principal prerequisites: one, that you already be a meditator yourself!, and, that you take the Raja segment of the Raja Yoga Intensive. The Raja Intensive is offered twice a year both at East West Bookshop (Fall and Winter) AND at Ananda in Bothell. You may take the raja segment simultaneous with "MTT" but not afterwards.

Lynne Steele and Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway will be on hand at East West to explain more of the details. See also a general write up on the Ananda website at: http://www.anandawashington.org/mtt 

This free introductory talk will also be offered at Ananda in Bothell on Sunday, January 29, 12:30 - 1:30 pm.

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