February 03, 2017 - Friday 7:30-9pm - Introduction to The Power of Unconditional Love - with Odille Rault

Supported by science, and using fun, practical, and engaging exercises, Odille Rault will share with you how unconditional love works as a power - and will guide you in developing the skill to not only tune in to that power, but to aim it at all challenges in your life and transform them!

Unconditional love is the sensation we feel when we're filled with our own power: Life Force/ Source/ God/ Divine/ Universe. It's also the energy of which everything and everyone is made. This power works on several different levels: quantum science; neuroscience; biological; and perfectly down-to-earth logic!

In this workshop, Odille Rault will cover the brain-body connection, the physical effects of unconditional love, and the role of subconscious programming in daily life. She will also share the techniques for taking full control of all areas of your life.

Odille is an Empowerment Coach who specializes in Unconditional Love for the self and others. She's the author of The Magic Pill, The Second Dose, Beyond the Magic Pill, and You Have a Superpower.

Main Room

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