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February 02, 2020 - Sunday 3-5pm - Divine Mirror: Perceiving though the Veil - with Courtney Bossarte

Courtney Bossarte helps us to remember how to call upon our hidden divine resources to co-create practical new experiences and perspectives to take out and apply into the world immediately, bringing Spirit more tangibly close in a concrete and applicable way.

This workshop creates a sacred space to explore relationship to self, other and cosmic connections leaving the space with another awareness of personal choice of perception of our world and how to co-create with and in it.

Under a consecration, each member participating is invited to find their partner through random consecrated exercises that are orchestrated under divine guidance. There will be multiple experiences with multiple partners so as to facilitate a multi-sensorial experience.

Through partnering, there will be a “subject and object” with mutual respect and trust to explore simultaneously our own inner universe with a few minutes given after each exercise to explore the mutual experience. 

What do we have to lose? Our perception of who we think we are?

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