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February 02, 2020 - Sunday 3-5pm - Divine Mirror: Perceiving though the Veil - with Courtney Bossarte

This workshop is designed to inspire your senses to go beyond habituated thoughts, into a realm where imagination reveals real, felt and lasting personal change.

 In this "no prior experience needed" workshop, we are invited into our innate innocence and from there, relate with each other through practical exercises that teach you "how" to see/feel/experience beyond form by doing them with others.

 This is meant to be felt, not explained, as you are the scientist exploring possibilities of your divinity. 

Come open and available as You are, encouraged to dive into the Mystery and allow it to reveal itself as You. 

Leave with a sense of wonder, embodied understanding of your power to call in the Divine in any moment and a new awareness of the world.

Courtney "Forgiven" Bossarte has been giving this workshop internationally and is convinced that deep intimacy with ourselves will create a dramatic change in the way that we relate with the world. 


Rev. Courtney (Forgiven) Bossarte's deepest desire is to alleviate any and all suffering. Growing up Christian, she spoke with God, Angelic Beings and with Jesus. She began her journey of healing service with 8 years of traditional medicine. She felt there was something missing so she enrolled in energetic medicine classes.  Shadowing an energetic practitioner and many clear miracles later, she shifted her gaze on the whole person, especially their Source of truth. She has since dedicated her life to facilitating "how" to surrender into divine experience and supporting people on their return home in oneness.   Her days are filled with "how" to surrender to that deep divine innate wisdom. For twenty years she has been an avid student of Divine Love, esoteric yoga and Shaivism, eastern Tantra, astrology, NLP, and energetic and intuitive medicine. Courtney now includes spiritual life coaching and sacred embodiment as part of her integrative work with people.

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