February 02, 2017 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - Breast Cancer and the Lymph Connection - with Dirk "White Heron" Yow

Tlingit-appointed medicine man Dirk "White Heron" Yow will read from his book Wheels of Wellness and discuss optimal colon and lymph function in the prevention of breast disease through sacred ceremony, intestinal oxidative therapies.

Studies show that women who have irregular bowel movements are four times more likely to develop breast disease than women who have regular (daily) movements, validating ancient healing practices and modern scientific research on the colon's vital role in the body's daily removal of toxins. Join PIOH Practitioner and Tlingit-appointed Medicine Man Dirk "White Heron" Yow for a discussion on how to effectively detoxify from mercury, arsenic, aluminum and other environmental poisons.

Main Room

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Category: energy, healing

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