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February 01, 2020 - Friday 3:30-5pm - Music, Meditation and Marvels ~ A Way Forward in Troubled Times - with Peter Berry

Peter Berry will play Irish harp music and improvisation to accompany guided meditations to connect us with spiritual allies inherent in the natural world with whom we can work to bring empowering, co-creative balance into our lives and the Life of the World in these challenging times of upheaval.

Seen any big changes in the world lately? What is the optimum mode of human presence on the planet that we can envision to replace the outmoded one as it falls away? Guided by cosmologist Thomas Berry's statement "The Universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects," we'll work with diverse sources of inspiration and guidance from contemporary and traditional folkloric sources. The session will have an experiential focus, and we will explore consciousness connections together through storytelling with harp music, and meditation. We’ll attune to primal spiritual consciousness inherent in the natural world in shared responsibility and collaboration, using effective techniques that anyone can use to deepen their personal attunement to Divinity within the Natural World.

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