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December 21, 2019 - Saturday 6-8pm - Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Yoga & Sound Bath - with Shae Windsong and Maria Ayanna

Celebrate the Winter Solstice and Holiday Season with sound and yoga — a journey through sacred music, meditation, yoga postures and a singing bowl sound bath! Facilitated by certified sound healer & acupuncturist Maria Ayanna Nunez and certified Hatha Yoga and Energy Medicine Yoga instructor, Shaefeather Windsong. 

Limit 20 participants. 
As we enter the darkness of winter, so shall we also light our torch, our inner fire, to take us through the next few months. Now is a time for going inward, and therefore, our routine will have a meditative atmosphere. One does not need to have a yoga background for this class.
A short meditation followed by gentle yoga postures will help you attune with the energy of the winter season and find the path to inner peace. The bowls will be playing throughout the yoga sequence. There will be elements of Energy Medicine Yoga techniques to help balance our chakras and attune our energy to the rhythm of water/winter (Chinese Medicine)
Deep relaxation/savasana will be in the second half of class during the sound bath. The sound of the singing bowls will help facilitate the energy flow and movement towards bliss and restore a sense of balance and alignment. While the golden tones permeate the space, we invite you to light your torch, and see the inner light that resides within you.
Please join us for this sound and yoga experience! Spaces are limited, so please reserve your spot today.
Bring a yoga mat, any props you will need, blanket and anything comfy for the sound bath.

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