December 09, 2018 - Sunday 1-4pm - Second Chance at Life - with Howard Storm

How is this classroom of life teaching us how to live, and how do we love God, love our neighbor as ourselves?

Howard Storm was an atheist college professor of art when he died and was taken to hell. There he was torn apart and called out to Jesus. Jesus came to him, healed him, loved him, and took him near to heaven. He was given a life review and had all of his questions answered. Since this NDE in 1985 he has tried to share the love to the best of his ability. You will find hope, peace, joy, and faith in a loving God in this message. God wants all people to come home to be part of the loving creation and it is God's intention to bring about heaven on earth. We will be sharing our spiritual journeys without judgement in mutual respect.

Love all who are seeking God and love to all who have turned away from God.

Main Hall

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