December 06, 2017 - Wednesday 7-8:30pm - Energetic Practices to Survive the Holidays! - with Colby Wilk

Colby Wilk, Spiritual Healer will teach you five energetic practices you can do to immediately shift yourself into a state of SUPER well being, regardless of circumstances, over the holiday season.

Awkward family relationships, feelings of sadness for lost loved ones and anxiety for the partner not yet met can make this season super hard. But for those who know how to direct their energy this season can be joyous and holds the true possibility of RENEWAL. In this highly interactive workshop with Colby Wilk, Spiritual snd Core Healer, learn five energetic practices you can do to bring yourself into greater well being by directing your energy into a SUPER state of well-being. Receive three energetic activations to assist you to be in the flow of RENEWAL. Colby will do verifiable healing work with everyone in the room simultaneously, as well as work with individuals assisting them to overcome what is distracting them from accessing and feeling the JOY of RENEWAL.

Main Hall

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