December 01, 2017 - Friday 7:30-9pm - Explore keys to step out of Co-dependency into Co-empowerment within all of our relationships - with Kristin Viken

Join us as we explore keys to step out of co-dependency into co-empowerment within all of our relationships lead by Kristin Viken.

Co-dependence is anytime our happiness and contentment is dependent upon another person, place, condition or thing. Simply put, if your happiness can be taken away by other people’s mood or opinions, that is co-dependence.
When we are in co-empowerment we listen, share, love, heal, challenge and support each other to evolve. Our co-empowered relationships are based on the principles of Win/Win versus Win/Lose, we can co-create together and we heal, transform and evolve much faster and deeper than we would on our own.
Enjoy an evening of illuminations and insights with Kristin Viken.

Kristin Vikin apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1989 and has since become a leader, teacher, mentor and guide within this Shamanic tradition. She has spent the last 18 years leading seminars and retreats all over the USA, Canada, Norway and Australia. She facilitates Rites of passage ceremonies, teachings designed to empower the Sacred Feminine, Spiritual Sexual Healing, as well as yearlong intensive programs for those dedicated to transformation. KRISTIN is most known for her international work in the Shamanic De-armoring, a deeply awakening life-force healing process

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