March 04, 2017 - Saturday 11am-2pm - The Ecological Crisis is Our Initiation Workshop - with Daniel Pinchbeck

With Daniel Pinchbeck, learn how you can harness the ecological crisis to transform yourself and the world.

Daniel Pinchbeck will share insights from his new book, How Soon is Now? The book, which was previewed in a TedX talk in 2013, is the product of an extensive period of reflection and research on the global ecological mega-crisis that threatens humanity with extinction. Pinchbeck believes that this human-caused calamity is a rite of passage—an initiation—that will force us to make a collective shift from competition and domination to cooperation and symbiosis. Participants will receive a roadmap for how we can make a rapid shift to a regenerative society, with actionable, practical steps that can revolutionize industry, energy, agriculture, as well as our political and economic systems—and even our model of love and relationships.

Main Room

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