August 31, 2017 - Thursday 7:00-8:30pm - Body Psychology Series: Anger vs. Aggression, Blame vs. Challenge, Own Your Part & Your Power (aka Grow Your Queen/King Talent) - with Laureli Shimayo

Join Laureli Shimayo to leverage your Queen/King Talent of ThriveTypes Intuitive Eye Readings and be more present, authentic and empowered no matter which your Talents are.

The most important trait of ThriveTypes, archetypes that Laureli intuitively reads in people's eyes, is a person's Talents. Learn to grow through the lessons of Queen/King Talent and acquire new Body Psychology tools that will empower and free you, whomever you are.

Those with Queen/King Talent are rare – powerful master planners and orchestrators, seeing from 10,000ft, delegating a better paradigm. They will you into action and demand integrity. The challenge is that they can overpower, intimidate, shame and coerce others into obeying – weakening rather than strengthening their “followers.”

Learn the difference between anger and aggression, how to be with and express healthy anger, how to shift from blaming to challenging, and the value of owning your part, your true power.


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