August 21, 2018 - Tuesday 7-8pm - Introduction to Raja Yoga - with Lynne Steele

Ananda's most popular, in-depth class, the Raja Yoga Intensive, begins in Seattle at East West on Tuesday, September 4. In tonight's free sampler class, Ananda Hatha Yoga instructor, Lynne Steele, will explain and give a "taste of the Intensive," including a sample guided meditation. "Raja" means royal for it includes all aspects of yoga: yoga postures, philosophy, health, and meditation. Techniques include chanting, mantra, chakras, visualization, and much more.

The Raja Yoga Intensive is a stand alone course, open to all and beneficial to anyone interested in the universal and nonsectarian practice of yoga of all types. It is, however, also the foundation course for students considering either training in kriya yoga, or, teacher certification in meditation and/or yoga in the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga.

Included in the Introduction to Raja Yoga class will be:

* Eight-Fold Path (Ashtanga Yoga) : states of universal awakening
* 3 Stages of Meditation
* What are the Yoga Sutras?
* Value of creative visualization
* Purpose of mantra and chanting
* Chakras: doorways to the "karmic matrix"
* Meditation: doorway to creativity
* How meditation can release karmic blocks
* How to use yoga postures for meditation

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