August 26, 2017 - Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm - The Holy Ground of Sorrow - with Elle Gulotta & Rev. John Halas

Come be nurtured and gently guided on a journey to reveal the sacredness of your grief buried beneath the layers of your sorrow and be renewed by your desire for healing with Elle Gulotta, Medium & Certified Grief Specialist and John Halas, Ordained Minister & Grief Coach.

What do you LONG FOR?

The arrival of grief propels you toward the desire for comfort and healing to soothe the frayed edges of your pain. The Holy Ground of Sorrow is a sacred space where the presence of spirit and departed loved ones draw near. It’s a place where you can feel safe enough to crack open the doorway to the emotional terrain of your grief. A place where you learn how your grief and your soul’s evolution are divinely intertwined.

Grief work is soul work and when you allow grief to work upon your soul, you invite mysterious healing forces and the grace of the divine to move you into rhythm with your life’s purpose.

Elle Gulotta, Medium and Certified Grief Specialist and John Halas, an Ordained Minister and Grief Coach will guide you through THE HOLY GROUND OF SORROW – a sacred passage of grief for an extraordinary healing journey.

$75 for Saturday, $85 for both Friday and Saturday

Main Hall

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