August 25, 2017 - Friday 7:30-9:30pm - Healing Grief Through Spirit Messages - with Elle Gulotta & Rev. John Halas

Come experience the presence of spirit in sacred community and claim the healing gifts waiting to awaken you as you receive and deliver spirit messages through healing exercises with Elle Gulotta, Medium & Certified Grief Specialist and John Halas, Ordained Minister & Grief Coach.

Would you like to know how your grief becomes your guided pathway toward fulfilling your soul’s promise?

The arrival of grief at your doorstep marks the beginning of a new relationship with LIFE.

Grief work is soul work. It cracks you open and stirs you from the inside out leaving a deep longing within your soul.

You’ll be invited to participate in receiving and delivering spirit messages through healing exercises. We’ll close the evening with healing messages from loved ones in Spirit.

Elle Gulotta, Medium and Certified Grief Specialist and John Halas, an Ordained Minister and Grief Coach will introduce you to THE HOLY GROUND OF SORROW – a sacred passage of grief as an extraordinary healing journey.

$20 for Friday. $85 for both Friday and Saturday

Main Hall