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August 24, 2019 - Saturday 10:30am-2pm - Introduction to Traditional Ho'oponopono - with Henrylyn Kau'i Auwae

Traditional Ho'oponopono, traditional Kanaka Maoli practice to find realignment amongst the chaos.

Introduction to Traditional Ho'oponopono, this presentation will explore the foundation of Traditional Ho'oponopono. Laying the groundwork of the necessary steps toward the realignment of our lives in order to achieve a Pono state of being.  

This class provides the beginning tools of Traditional Ho'oponopono; allowing you to find forgiveness for self and others, removing constructs that are hindering you, strengthen and fortify your personal la'au (tree), which leads to improvement of your well being and health. Allowing us to stand upon a grounded and solid foundation as we secure our roots and blossom forth for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our communities, and eventually our global community.

This presentation may be video or audio recorded, Henrylyn Kau'i Auwae will provide consent forms for all participants, if recording takes place.

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