August 19, 2017 - Saturday 11am-3pm - The Whole of Who You Are - with Siobhan Nicolaou

Please call East West at
206-523-3726 for information

This fun and informative workshop with Siobhan Nicolaou provides you with tools for your empowerment and how to maximize the benefit of them all.

Sometimes focusing on one aspect of your development can create resistance to your process. We will help you establish and maintain your alignment as we create a template for your development working with the demands of your day and personality. Spirituality is more fulfilling as a way of being and not confined to a particular place or condition. Meditations and Exercises Include:

Golden light Grounding Meditation
Integration of the Rainbow Soul
Awakening the Senses of the Soul
On the Spot Transmutation (loving yourself in the moment)
Automatic Writing
The Sovereign Experience (experiencing wholeness)

$65 prepaid and $75 at the door

Main Hall