August 18, 2018 - Saturday 10-12:30pm - Creating Crystal Grids That Are Part of You - with Deidre Berg

An intimate discussion and informative class with Diedre Berg. You will get to participate in a fun and deep level with the crystals.

A refreshing, fun, powerful new look at grids. 1. New combinations of crystals and stones. 2. Combining with other talismans. 3. Griding your own physical body. 4. Integrating this new knowledge into your everyday life effortlessly. Diedre Berg will provide plenty of pieces everyone can work with and explore these new pathways through grids. There will be a good selection of crystals available so you can continue the work at home. Special prices will be offered on all crystals after class. Deidre says the crystals did ask her to do this!

Main Hall

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