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August 17, 2019 - Saturday 7-9pm - Using your pain and suffering as fuel to Thrive. - with Michelle Margaret Marques

"I believe that we are here with a big purpose to be all that we can be. I believe in me and I believe in you in equal measure. Life gives us equal measures of crisis, joy, love, and consciousness and I believe we are here to enjoy and thrive despite our experience or journey." 

Calling all women who want to create an impact in their life's and the lives of those around you. The women who want to create the life they absolutely want, women who want to truly thrive after sexual abuse or mothers of sexually abused daughters. This woman workshop was created by Michelle Margaret Marques, the world leading sexual abuse coach, international speaker, author of This Woman (coming soon) and sexually abused thriver!
This workshop will help you:
Recognise Self imposed suffering: Self-inflicted suffering, the suffering that we place against ourselves because we relate to the outside world as though it's right, over and above what we think it is accurate for ourselves. We self-impose suffering when we assume we are not enough.
Believe the universe would not have wanted you to be born if you weren’t meant for something great. Once you look at life through this lens, everything changes, you shift your attention to finding your purpose. When you know you are complete as you are, you stop playing small.
Release the layers and uncover your true purpose. 
Identify what it feels like in your body when you are doing something in line with who you are, once you do it becomes easier to identify and trust the feeling in the future. 
Know if where you are operating from is driven from the outside-in or the inside-out?
Our purpose is in our inherent knowing. When you operate from the inside-out you know what you have to do, you feel complete. It comes easy. Think about that one thing that came most natural to you as a kid.
Purpose is not the actual “job you do." Purpose is the expression of the quality that any job can express. You get to express your purpose in everything you do in life! When you understand that “the job” can be an expression of your purpose, everything changes.
You will no longer be driven by an external feedback loop, but rather your own intuition will guide the way.
I believe that the key for everyone to experience the loving being that they are and the love that they have to give is when they don’t feel like they’re suffering in their life. 
Here's to our journey together to thriving and reaching far beyond any ceiling!  Being Authentically You, Driven and Always Winning.

I am Michelle Margaret Marques, born Michelle Moffat in Glasgow to Scottish parents Margaret and Joseph. I grew up on a Glasgow council estate and although it wasn’t easy and we didn’t have a lot of money, we were surrounded by a large and very loving family who were fiercely loyal to each other (for the most part anyway). Oh, they could be just as cruel to each other as loving and loyal, however, the love and devotion always outweighed any other aspect. 

My Mother came from a Catholic background and my Father a Protestant background it wasn’t easy growing up with that mixture of backgrounds in Glasgow and I was often beaten up by both sides, just for being who I was. I was taught that I should never back down, I should never show fear and I most certainly should always stand up for myself and stand my ground even if my head was being kicked in, and I did, always and I still do. I grew up strong and no matter how horrible it may sound or seem to have been, although I didn’t know it then or could I have ever even begun to understand my childhood taught me every lesson I ever needed to build the life I was destined for, a destiny far more important than the turbulence I endured. I attribute that background to the iron backbone and sheer resilience I pride myself on having now.

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