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August 24, 2019 - Saturday 4-6pm - Rise of the Divine Feminine: Reclaiming our Self-Worth Amidst a Culture of Fear - with Chase Butticé

In this workshop Chase will discuss what the rise of the Divine Feminine actually means amidst a crumbling patriarchal order steeped in fear and scarcity. To affect the whole we must begin to honor the feminine wisdom, energy, and power in ourselves. In this workshop Chase will discuss how to begin to step into your self-worth and integrity. She will help the attendees begin to embody the divine feminine, not just rationally understand it so they may begin to recalibrate their own being.

Chase is a psychospiritual consultant with a private practice in West Seattle. Her life's work is to bring conscious awareness, power, and love to the divine feminine within each and every one of us. As we recalibrate this energy within ourselves, it will recalibrate all over the world. It starts with women seeing themselves as the high priestess-witch-queen-goddesses that they are.


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