August 05, 2017 - Saturday 7:00-8:30pm - Beyond Water: What Makes the World Go Round? - with Professor Gerald Pollack, PhD

UW Professor Gerald Pollack, on What Makes the World Go Round?; universal energies of electric charges and physical forces that drive our planet.

Have you ever wondered what makes the Earth spin? Join University of Washington Professor and Researcher Dr. Gerald Pollack, as he shares his latest hypothesis on what drives wind flow. You will learn how the sun’s energy creates negatively charged aerosol droplets and positively charged ions, and how electrical forces exert their power. Build a greater understanding of universal energies, electrical charges and physical forces which drive our planet. Enjoy the journey, as Dr Pollack speaks with a sense of wonder, in a common language that everyone can understand.

Dr. Pollack is founding Editor-in-Chief of the research journal WATER. His award winning books include Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life, and The Fourth Phase of Water.

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