August 01, 2017 - Tuesday 2-4pm - Intuitive Tuesdays - with Deni Luna and Justin Elzie

Personal messages from two psychics, Deni Luna and Justin Elzie, plus guidance on developing your own clairaudience (sound-related intuition).

Growing Your Intuition: Clairaudience
Channeled messages for audience members, plus a lecture on today’s theme: Clairaudience. Clairaudience is the ability to intuitively perceive messages through sound. We’ll talk about the harmonics of sound, specific tones, clearing energy through sound, sacred healing music, manifestation through sound and more.
Lecture and personal messages for all audience members from two psychics, Deni Luna and Justin Elzie. (Note: lecture will be recorded)

$12.50 or $10 for recording only

Main Hall