April 23, 2017 - Sunday 12:30-4pm - The Magic of Memoir Workshop - with Ruthie Stender

The Magic of Memoir: Inspiration for the Writing Journey with Ruthie Stender  and four fellow-award-winning memoirists.

In this 3.5 hour workshop, you’ll have five experienced authors at your disposal. They will help you with your memoir-writing process regardless of where you are on your journey. Together, they will cover various aspects of memoir writing, such as:

• Outlining your story: beginning, middle and end
• The difference between scene and theme
• Taming the inner critic
• The importance of universal truth/reflection/take-away
• Different genres of memoir and what makes a best-selling memoir
• The truth about truth-telling
• How to keep writing

If you’ve always wanted to write your story, or someone else’s story, this workshop will provide you with some fundamental tools to do the job. Or, maybe you’ve got a project actively in work and like the idea of meeting other memoirists to build your community. Or maybe you have a memoir that’s gathering dust and needs to come out of that drawer where it can breathe, come back to life. Wherever you are on your memoir journey, you’ll be inspired and supported.

Each teacher brings something different to the class so chances are high that you’ll connect with at least one fellow writer who is empathetic to your particular life experience. These memoirists understand the power and satisfaction of writing a memoir and they are eager to help you figure out how to tell your story. The class format is designed to help you get an outline going or make sense of what you already have sketched out to keep you moving forward. Bottom line, if you want to write your memoir, you need to come to this class!

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