April 21, 2018 - Saturday 1-4pm - Writing as a Path to Awakening - with Albert Flynn DeSilver

Writing as a Path to Awakening with Albert Flynn DeSilver: A transformational writing & meditation workshop.

Join us for an afternoon of innovative writing exercises, dynamic meditations, and creative community with Albert Flynn DeSilver.  This workshop is designed to help you strengthen your writing and creativity while also opening your heart to deeper levels of compassion, insight and love.

The practice of writing is an exploration of consciousness, a practice toward deeper self-awareness, and moves us along the path of awakening to our true nature. Many of our greatest spiritual teachers from around the world were, and are, writers. From Sappho in the 7th century BC, to Pema Chödrön—from Rumi in the 13th century, to Thomas Merton, Jack Kornfield, Mary Oliver and the Dalai Lama—the written word has the power not only to inspire, but also to awaken the very best in the human heart.

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