April 15, 2017 - Saturday 10:30-1:30pm - Advanced Pendulum: Deep Personal Research - with Dewey Meyer

Dewey Meyer teaches you how to explore using the pendulum to identify what has the most benefit to your life. Have the answers at your fingertips! 

Join me in using the powerful combination of pendulum dowsing and intuition, you explore meaningful questions:
• What is my gift to the world at this time?
• How can I most effectively accelerate my personal development?
• What are the factors that contribute to my physical health?
• Is there something my Higher Self wants to communicate to me?

You will have the opportunity to identify and quantify the people, practices, and experiences that have had the most beneficial influence on your life. You will use your guidance to determine which paths and practices will serve you best in the future. You don't need to be an expert but basic experience using a pendulum will be necessary.


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