April 03, 2017 - Monday 7-8:30pm - An Evening of Healing - with Shiela Baker

Be kind to yourself and allow ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker to remove old energetic blocks and thought patterns which hold you back from having the life you are meant to live.

Physical and emotional blocks stop us from having the life we truly want. These energetic blocks can cause illness, depression and anxiety. This stuck energy can be removed from your body. Ancient shamans used power animals and spirit guides to help in healing.

Sometimes our challenging conditions stick with us for so long that feeling unwell feels normal. We are used to it. However, if you have had enough of feeling poorly I can help you shift from just trying to get through the day to being excited to get up in the morning.

Don’t deny yourself the healing you deserve. Be good to you!

Come join ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker. Leave uplifted available and connected.

Main Hall

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