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During the days surrounding Valentine's Day, we're given a special chance to express love for the meaningful things in our lives. Come visit our new location in Edmonds and embrace the month of "Expanding Love & Bliss" with us! Here are some highlights of our love-filled month!

Crystal Sale


Get ready for our upcoming Tucson show crystals! To make room for these stunning additions, we're offering selected crystals at clearance prices.

Help us tidy up our space while you find your must-have pieces to bring home.

The sale begins on Saturday, February 10th and continues until the 29th.

Featured Products


We're delighted to welcome our friends, Priyanka and Krati, the talented jewelry makers!

Bo'Bell embodies an eclectic, classic style with a playful bohemian twist, blending Eastern craftsmanship with Western elegance. It symbolizes the meeting of East and West, where "Bo" represents bohemianism and "Belle" signifies beauty in French.

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Crystal Show from Tucson show!
To be announced!


Take a look at our crystal buyer, Deidre, beaming atop an impressive crystal chair in Tucson! Despite the morning chill, she found warmth sitting on the chair, feeling instantly recharged.

We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the crystals to share with our customers.

Stay tuned for our crystal show!