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Kevin Raphael Fitch  
Astrology and Tarot

Raphael’s sessions help lift his clients to newer and more exalted playing fields, where the boundaries of thought can expand, where energetic coherence can be felt, and where a new horizon of infinite possibilities can be imagined. With the ancient Magi of the Far East as his model, Raphael brings the life and teaching of a mystic, through his readings and consultations. He shares over 40 years of astrological experience, through many systems and approaches. His use of the Tarot comes from over 40 years study of Hebrew and Qabbalah and he employs it to address his client’s personal and spiritual evolution. A blessing of light from higher and more subtle far-off worlds, occurs during each session.

Raphael typically employs astrology as his primary tool in all his consultation sessions. Yet if a client desires to only have a session using the Tarot, a special 45 minutes session is available. A tangible blessing of spiritual fire and light is included with it. 

Astrology Sessions  
90 minutes $150 (90 minute session may include Tarot and Energy Healing)
60 minutes $90.00
30 minutes $45.00

Tarot Session
30 minutes $45.00

Deni Luna
Tarot, Astrology, Psychic Medium, Lip-Print Reading

Deni’s readings are one-of-a-kind experiences. Tailored to you, readings may combine lip print reading, Voyager Tarot, angelic messaging, dreams, mediumship, dowsing, and healing objects from around the world.

$140 hour, $75 half hour or $35 for 10 minutes.

Shaun Rose
tarot, crystals, intuitive readings

Are you looking for assistance in making choices that are based on being true to yourself?

Sometimes it's difficult to hear Spirit. There may be habits or fears clouding our judgement, preventing oneself from hearing past the stresses of life and the negative self-talk to the clear truth. I'm here to assist you in cutting through to your inner wisdom, the voice of Spirit. Tarot utilizes symbolic language and the archetypes to access the deeper psychic-spiritual dimension.

Think of your tarot reading as a facilitated conversation between yourself and Spirit, with the reader as a guide.

Skype Readings Available

$25 for 15 minutes, $45 for 30 minutes, $85 for 60 minutes.

Jan Van Ysslestyne
Intuitive Consultations-Humanistic Astrology - Ecopsychology and Lucid Dream Work

Jan Van Ysslestyne is a professional Intuitive, Humanistic Astrologer, and instructor in Classical Shamanic techniques and traditions. With over 35 years of experience in both Eastern and Western philosophical traditions and Humanistic Psychology, Jan provides a clear understanding of your life’s purpose and how to achieve your heart’s desire through clarity, humor, and spiritual/psychological balance in your everyday life. Intuitive Sessions - we’ll explore current situations, your relationships with others, blocks and energetic patterns. By knowing this information you’ll be able to make clearer and more balanced decisions about your own life’s directions, relationships, work situations, and group associations.

Humanistic Astrology - Your chart is a blueprint of your life’s purpose and script. Together we’ll uncover your talents, your overall path, psychological and spiritual blocks, and upcoming situations that are currently appearing in your life.

Ecopsychology and Lucid Dream Work - We’ll explore your connection, or lack thereof, with the natural world while living in an urban environment. Learning to reconnect with your natural surroundings can not only stimulate your spiritual and emotional connections with others, but can sharpen and enhance your creative talents. In Lucid Dream Work we’ll develop a personal program together to help you achieve faster and more profound experiences in the land of dreams to enhance your travels in the worlds of the beyond.

$120 hour, $65 half hour

Mimi Pettibone  
Tarot, Dream interpretation

MIMI PETTIBONE is a professional dream interpreter and tarot reader with a background in spiritual psychology, relationships and communication skills. She is naturally empathic and intuitive, and has had precognitive dreams since she was a small child. Her understanding of symbolism, metaphor and the human psyche, combined with training in humanistic and social psychology contribute to her readings and consultations.

Dream Interpretation
Our dreams can help us solve problems, understand our relationships, and come up with creative ideas. They can also give us spiritual and psychic experiences that transport us to other realms. Mimi provides a cutting-edge dream work experience that takes the dreamer to new levels of awareness within themselves, as well as being able to explore some of the more unusual dream phenomena. Profound change can happen when we experience the messages from deep within our own psyche.

Tarot Reading
Like a dream, the tarot conveys messages through symbols, stories and metaphors, which are the language of the subconscious mind and the intuitive realm. During a consultation we will explore thing in a way that facilitates creative thinking and problem solving. We are all living a story, and a reading can show us our own story from a new perspective, helping us gain new insight in a surprisingly accurate and uncanny way. While the cards may show us potentials and possibilities, we have the free will to create the life we desire.

$85 hour $65 for 45 min, $45 half hour, $25 for 15 min.

Psychic Medium, Astrology, Runes, Tarot, Numerology

Psychometry (holding a personal object) to tap into a person’s energy and to communicate with Spirits to relay messages from the other side is one tool that Justin uses.

Tarot, Runes, Astrology, and Numerology are other tools that Justin uses to give in-depth
readings on different areas of a person’s life.

$120 hour, $60 half hour, $30 15 min

Becky moore 

Feeling stuck? Need some answers? Do you need an energetic boost? Then come and get a reading from Becky. Using the Voyager Deck, she hacks into the Universal Energy, decoding information, giving you grounded, practical advice to help you navigate through your world. You will be empowered with your new clarity.

 $100 hour
$60 half hour


Besides being a Reiki master, I am also a court certified Spanish interpreter. I interpret mainly in superior court and specialize in sexual assault and child abuse crimes.

I have used Reiki and crystals with many many crime victims and truly believe that it is very helpful.
I will be at the East West Bookshop on November 3rd and 4th.

Please stop by for a mini or full session and let me help you have some good energy. 

$95 hour + $50/30 min + *New Client Special 10 minutes for $15 min*

Kelly Glab  
intuitive healing reiki sessions

Receive a revitalizing and nurturing Reiki treatment/Intuitive Reiki/Intuitive Counseling session with Kelly Glab.

Reiki is a Japanese healing system where the practitioner channels Universal Life Force Energy, then offers it to the recipient for their Highest Potential and Healing. It can be used to heal people and animals, as well as to clear and bless homes. Reiki can also be sent to the recipient at a distance. Reiki heals for the Highest Good the physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual levels of the energy field. Intuitive Reiki is deep process work and intention setting which is incorporated into the Reiki treatment. Intuitive Counseling can be helpful in establishing recommendations and a path forward that has heart, as well as clear direction, details, and boundaries in place to maintain a safe space of personal power.

30 minutes - $60
60 minutes - $120
90 minutes - $150

Ray Couture  
astrological perspectives

Astrological Perspectives
With Ray Couture

30 minutes/$60
1 hour/$100

We live in a modern world which has largely abandoned any meaningful association with the natural world. The solar system itself is not regarded as part of
the “natural world”. The truth is all of life is part of a living solar system. Everyone is born because there a need for them to be here to further develop and evolve.

Astrology uses a unique set of symbols to tap into a kind of transcendental knowledge. I offer my clients solutions and advice based on that knowledge
helping them gain a wider and deeper understanding of their life and its purpose.

Astrology can thus help foster a mindfulness reducing stresses that have a negative effect on overall well-being.

I offer 45 years of practice and study with seminal thinkers such as Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmond Jones. I conduct seminars and classes at East West Bookshop in Seattle.

Visit my website at:

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