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Tony Francis 

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30 min-$60, 60 min-$130, 90 min-$150. Monthly mentoring - open.  

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“We are all on a journey, with every breath
leading ourselves down a path until we have our last.”

Interview with Tony: 

Tony Francis believes that in every moment of every breath we are attracting unto ourselves the reality of our consciousness; its up to us to see things from different perspectives so that we may begin to understand why we attract what we attract.

A committed student of direct higher non-physical guidance, Tony has allowed for continued discoveries of new vibrational based energies, experiences of different perspectives of consciousness that have quite literally shifted his consciousness. He has found his true path in the nature of the non-physical—a force that has changed his life forever. He has committed his life to following the Harmony of his higher guidance, regardless of outside influences or internal fears; the faith that each step he takes is being led by higher perspective that he is unable to see. Living his path in this way has him living with the clarity for how he has changed since committing to his guidance. In the past, he was acting in unbalanced self-focus, which has shifted to a state of deep inner awareness. The person he is becoming is one of being more detached from the outcomes of life—whether it be money, relationships, or family. Tony believes that 100% of his experiences are a reflection of who he is and what he is attracting into his Now.

Or as he puts it, “Seeing the unseen of one’s consciousness, is to unravel the Self that we think we are. Seeing the unseen of who you are, is when we see our Self more clearly and realize that the thing we thought we were is not it.”

The most defining moments of Tony’s journey have been what he calls the dying off of self experiences—experiences that now allow him to see the Self that he thought he knew, continually seeing the unseen part of himself has allowed him to grow in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. He says it’s still only just the beginning, and he rarely ever wants to admit “knowing” anything, as the directness of our light is ever changing and so is the guidance that we are receiving.
It was during these transitions that he was guided to understand consciousness and how we as humans have come to know ourselves from our point of consciousness; that it’s not as solidified as we perceive our being-ness to be.

Tony confesses that he is just a man who was once a sensitive boy, a boy that ran from his sensitivity for many years until he couldn’t run anymore. He says that over the years that resistance finally caught up with him, that he couldn’t run anymore. It was time to embrace who he was. This sensitivity was ready to have a voice.

“Since jumping into the unknown of my calling, things have quite miraculously come together, in ways that may take years for me to fully understand,” he says. “All I know is that every moment I am here is to serve others as best I can, while continually merging my consciousness with the higher alignment of my light so that I am able to answer the calling of my guidance.”

Whether you seek healing or wholeness, or a deepening of your spiritual journey, a session with Tony may open doors to your own light that may very well change the perspective of your life.

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