Consultations with Shiela Baker

Shiela Baker - Akashic Records and Shamanic Tarot Readings at East West Bookshop

Shamanic Tarot and Akashic Records Readings

Shamanic Consultations $125 hour, $65 half hour.
Akashic Readings $175 for 90 minutes
Call East West Bookshop at 206-523-3726 or 1-800-587-6002 for available appointments.

Live with abundant health, happiness and love. Shamanic Tarot is a concise way to get clear information. The Akashic Records hold information about all your soul's lives. Healings occur which allow us to live our lives with passion, purpose and prosperity. Negative situations from your life, which you may not remember, may cause blocked energy and trapped emotions.

We hold pain in the body and suffer from stress, tension and disease, yet the body is willing to let it go. Release trapped energy in a simple, effective way during a private session with Shiela Baker, a practical shaman who combines insightful counseling with Earth-based spirituality, humor and compassion for the highest and best of all beings.