Consultations with Lauren Whitley


Runes, Mediumship, Cards, Intuitive Readings,  Empath, Energy Healer, Reiki Master

$45/30-minute individual session, $90 for 1 hour

Allow me to introduce myself. Like most people, I am not just one thing.  I
am an intuitive reader, empath, medium, energy healer, Reiki Master,
teacher, writer, artist…with new discoveries every day.

Other roles so far this lifetime include being a woman, a mother, an ex-wife
(since remarried), a software programmer, and a business owner.  I've
struggled with my weight, depression, addiction, loss, career changes, life
changes, and prejudice.  I am left-brained (logical/organized) AND right-
brained (creative/intuitive).
And I have realized that I love the messy bits we call Life.  In working
through my own physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional transformations
that results from living that Life, I discovered abilities that allow me to assist

I believe in empowering the individual. Using a variety of modalities, I
connect with your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and Spirits to relay to you the
information that is for your highest good. This includes working together
either in individual sessions or group classes to find the tools and techniques
that will best assist you with the next steps on your life journey.

Prices vary for group classes. or


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