Consultations with Laureli Shimayo


Intuitive Eye Readings

$35 for 15 min, $65 for 30 min, and $120 for 1 hour

Eyes are a window to the soul – your eyes reveal your life purpose, fulfilling career directions, ideal romantic and business partners, and much more. Laureli will intuitively read the energy patterns in your eyes, and answer big questions in any area: leadership, life and love. She can help you with clarifying your life purpose, discovering your unique genius, tuning your career path, matchmaking, syngergizing relationships, choosing whether to stay or go, hiring the best candidate, and mapping your optimal growth journey both personally and professionally. Her readings include your natural talents, decision-making, communication, protection mechanisms and all the other traits of ThriveTypes. She’ll share about you and others you know if you bring electronic or print photos of them showing their eyes. Stop in the store to receive a FREE 2-minute Intuitive Eye Reading in between Laureli’s private sessions.

Laureli Shimayo is claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairempathic, and she specializes in ThriveTypes Eye Readings and Body Psychology.