Consultations with Daniela Masuda-Sosa

Thursdays at East West Bookshop. 1-7pm. 



$25. for 15 minutes

$45. for 30 minutes

$65. for 45 minutes

$85. for 60 minutes


Daniela Masuda-Sosa is a psychic medium and healer. She provides intuitive readings through tarot, and messages from Spirit. In a reading, Daniela is open not only to the cards, but also to discarnate loved ones, and other helping spirits wanting to make a connection.


Whether you seek guidance on a specific topic, want overarching insight into your conscious and/or unconscious world(s), or desire to connect with the spirit realm, Daniela's priority is co-creating compassionate sessions that are as healing as they are illuminating.


Along with being an intuitive healer, Daniela also functions as a wellness coach, specializing in Ayurveda, and yoga (asana, pranayama, and meditation). She can be contacted directly at


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